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Charity Funding Consultants

  • “My experience with Rhino Club Card has been amazing. I never dreamed there would be a business where I could give things away and earn a great living. I’m not a salesperson, but I enjoy talking to people and helping others in my community to achieve their goal. Being able to do that and earn a lot of money is a blessing beyond whatever I thought possible.”

    Paul L. Collier County, Florida
  • “We just signed up our biggest account to date, a middle school with 907 students and they are anxious to get it going right away. It’s mind boggling to think of what the numbers will be for them and for me. I’ve made some bad decisions in my lifetime as I imagine all of us who’ve lived long enough have done, but this business is positively brilliant and the best move I’ve ever made in my life. It’s hard to get to sleep at night just thinking about it.”

    Allen L. Lee County, Florida
  • "Having been a charity funding consultant for about a month now, I want to just thank Doug Landers for the excellent training and support that has been provided to us. I have found it very easy to sign up sponsors. I thought giving away the sponsor ads for free would be pretty easy, which it has been, but I was concerned about getting the charities to do fundraisers. However, the charities are actively approaching me now to host a fundraiser for them! Whether it be at networking events, at local Chamber of Commerce events, or just in speaking with sponsors and the charities that they are already affiliated with. I also want to thank Brandon Landers for his help with all of the technical support and for being so quick with getting our ads up. As well as Paul, Alan, and Jerry, for all of the information that led me to become a charity funding consultant with Rhino Club Card which is a concept that I feel very strongly has tremendous opportunities and upside potential."

    Michael D. Treasure Coast, Florida

Fundraising Clients

  • "As a first time coordinator for a big fundraising event, Rhino Group made it easy for us to work together. Everyone I spoke to was passionate about my cause and beyond helpful with how they could really turn it up for me. (Much needed for a charity newbie) People loved having them at the event, who doesn't love endless coupons!? I cannot wait to partner with them again and again. Thank you Allen and Doug!!"

    Andrea C. Super Rylee / Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation
  • "The Rhino Club Card fundraiser and all the logistics was rather effortless on our part…they took care of everything! We launched a school-wide fundraiser with 900+ students. The Rhino team was with us every step of the way, assisting us in all aspects of the fundraiser from packaging all the information packets, to distribution of the Rhino Club Cards and assisting with incentives for the top sellers. They were there! When we inquired about adding more participating businesses in our area, they pounded the pavement, adding local businesses located near our school. It’s a great concept for a fundraiser!"

    Heidi G. PTSA President - Cypress Lake Middle School
  • "We had a small fundraiser in August 2018. The event was an "end of chemotherapy" fundraiser for our nephew. The money raised went to pay medical expenses. This was a way for family helping family. Thank you Rhino Club Card!"

    Maria D.
  • "Rhino Group Networking Solutions LLC was such a blessing to our church and youth group. We hosted a market styled community event and the Rhino Club Card was a natural fit for the evening. They helped raise money for our church's youth group so that the youth can continue in their Christian education and that is so appreciated and valued! Thank you Rhino Group Networking Solutions LLC! We will definitely be in contact again for our next fundraising event!"

    Bethany Our Savior Lutheran Church
  • "As a Lacrosse coach, Robotics Club sponsor, and Gay Straight Alliance Club sponsor, the Rhino Club Card was a perfect match to fundraise with. Dealing with their employees was a pleasant experience, and I could not imagine working with anyone else for fundraising. The Rhino Club Card/App is constantly being updated with more businesses on a consistent basis, and my students were very successful in selling them to our community. I am looking forward to another year with the Rhino Club Card!"

    Justin F. Palmetto Ridge High School

Local Sponsor Businesses

  • Parmesan Pete's is a local business that was more than happy to partner with Rhino Club Card. How often do you get the opportunity to help the local community and receive advertising at the same time? Thank you Rhino Club Card for the new and repeat customers.

    Peter D. Parmesan Pete's
  • The Rhino Club Card provides an opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and market to new customers. It also is beneficial to charitable organizations which owners wish to support. This concept is brilliant and is a win/win for everyone. We support the program and we support community efforts to benefit everyone. Two thumbs up.

    Mike M. The Chubby Bullfrog Bar and Grill

Rhino Club Card Users

  • "I just wanted to express how happy I am with my Rhino Club Card! I have used it in Collier County and have enjoyed the many benefits the card offers!"

    Mark L.
  • "What a great perk to have a Rhino Club Card that provides us with discounts at many of our favorite restaurants and establishments."

    Kevin N.
  • "Awesome! We love the Rhino Club Card. So many local restaurants and businesses. We love the discounts and helping our local businesses."

    Diane L.

We are empowered by compassion and the desire to help others.

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