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A business like no other, and it’s a multi-billion dollar hidden gem – until now!

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The Need

Every community has schools, churches, temples and dozens of other worthy non-profit organizations that have a legitimate need to fund projects for the betterment and welfare of their members. In the past they’ve sold cookies or perhaps coupon books offering discounts from local merchants. They all need $$$$ and rely on fundraising to meet that need. Now there’s a better way.

The Solution

The Rhino Club Card Membership Program. Local businesses benefit by bringing in new customers, as well as increased repeat customers, and of course they love to sign on at NO COST. The only thing the Sponsor Businesses have to do is offer a discount, deal, or other benefit to Rhino Club Card members. Sponsor Businesses pay nothing to you or us. NO SELLING NECESSARY.

No cookies or outdated printed coupon books to sell for the organization needing the funds. A Rhino Club Card membership gives supporters access to over 700,000 discounts and deals from more than 10,000 local and national brands. Once you become a member and download our mobile app, you’ll have access to deals in every city in the United States! The charity, group, or organization needing the funds purchases nothing from us. AGAIN NO SELLING.

However, you have to be a professional type person to succeed in this business, an individual who can communicate our story and who enjoys working with and helping others. If sitting at a desk and being alone with your computer is appealing, then candidly we likely will not be right for each other. If we’re right for each other, then this is the most unique and potentially profitable opportunity you’ve ever looked at.

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The Profit

Here’s an example of a school fundraiser. You have access to our proprietary fundraising program, giving you and the school a custom online experience tailored specifically to their needs. The students do all of the leg work — not you. They offer Rhino Club Card memberships to Grandma, Grandpa, other relatives, and any other contacts their family may have to raise money for the school funding project. They are your sales force. The majority of the funds, significantly more than old school fundraising techniques, goes to the project. A very nice piece of every membership marketed by your sales force goes to you. A smaller piece goes to us, your Rhino Club Card partner. That’s a win-win for everyone involved, and of course the Sponsor Businesses draw more people to their businesses.

Recently, one of the Rhino Club Card Charity Funding Consultants registered a middle school with 907 students. It’s impossible to project the precise number of memberships that this student sales force will market for the cause; however, the numbers can be absolutely staggering and we’re pleased to discuss the possibilities with you. We’re sure you’ll be pleased too.

The Advantage

As the world moves deeper into the digital era, the non-profit fundraising industry has been left behind and forced to rely on 20th century methods for raising money. We have developed a proprietary system that brings the fundraising industry into the 21st century, providing a superior way for charities and other worthy causes to raise funds. We believe in an all-of-the-above approach including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, managed email campaigns, digital tracking, as well as optional in-person fundraising solutions. Our proprietary contact-free program allows fundraisers to raise superior funds with little to no in-person contact. We also offer residual income to our CFC partners as well as repeat fundraising clients.

As our lifestyles grow more and more accustomed to the convenience of quickly accessing and filtering information digitally, shouldn’t our fundraising solutions evolve along the same lines? Rather than carrying a massive coupon book around with you and then taking the time to page through it to find the discount you’re looking for, a Rhino Club Card membership enables you to carry around nothing more than your phone. Simply open the Rhino Club Card App or website and take advantage of over 700,000 great discounts and deals nationwide.

All of this combines to provide our CFC/Partners with enormous benefits and opportunities to offer their fundraising clients. It truly is a WIN for all parties involved!

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